Q1: the products of your company has the CE mark, whether installed within the company system, must be able to comply with the EMC requirements?
Ans: not necessarily, general power supply at the location of the system, the arrangement of the quad and grounding system design, and so on.Will cause a certain degree of influence.The same power supply, used in different environments or applications tend to have different results.Our test results are based on the set in the EMC test report.
Q2: information (EN60950-1) and medical class (EN60601-1) what's the difference between safety standards?
Ans: according to the safety standard, ClassI EN60950-1 the maximum leakage current shall not exceed 3.5 mA;And maximum leakage current EN60601-1 no more than 0.3 mA.Measurement of individual safety distance, the fuse quantity is different, its relevant differences in the following table columns:



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